Task Manager when on PC at work

What will happen first…

  1. OmniFocus for the web will get closer to feature parity with Mac/iOS so I can use attachments and perspectives on the web. OR

  2. Todoist will get Multi window support for ipados?

  3. Things 3 will get a web app (LOLOLOL)

They’re really sufficiently different apps that you should have been able choose one over the other without much difficulty based on your needs and preferred workflow on Mac/iOS, so I don’t see any of those future possibilities particularly meaningful for making one switch.

If you’re on a PC you want something cross-platform now. If OmniFocus doesn’t do the job for you now then simply look at cross-platform products with web/PC offerings, including Todoist, TickTick, Reminders (logging in to iCloud), Google Tasks, Any.Do, Microsoft To Do, Remember The Milk, Asana, Trello, etc.

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  1. You’ll embrace managing your tasks on your phone/iPad
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I prefer to be on my Mac to enter tasks and pore over subtasks. But the iPhone is where I check on things to do, and check them off.

I can’t do this much of the tune or I would.

I’m also looking for a windows/iOS/mac task manager.
My priority was a global quick add shortcut, so for now I use TickTick for work stuff.
It does not have defer/start dates (or many keyboard shortcuts on windows), but it has a free version with quite a lot of features (today view and tags). And it feels like it is quite inspired by Things.

Feels like Todoist/any task manager that is web-based (IIRC Todoist desktop apps are just web views) would be good for you.

OF web is missing some key features, but in iOS I prefer OF to Todoist.

I wonder if chaining together something like the following would work for folks. I may have to try it out tomorrow.

Quick entry -> Outlook task
Task Sync -> iOS tasks (via mail/account sync)
iOS tasks -> Things/OF via their task importers

Hm, does outlook have a global hotkey for task entry?

(If not, I maybe found a solution here using AHK.)

Syncing outlook with reminders works quite nice, and the import into Things, too.

I could see myself just propping up my iPad next to my work machine.
I already have bought a 1-year-licence for across, which allows me to use my keyboard as a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. And I have an iPad stand on my amazon wishlist. Though now I wish I had a new iPad with faceID.

After trying Plaintasks in Sublimetext, Ticktick, Todoist and AmazingMarvin I went with an iPad on the side, Across for sharing the keyboard and Things.
What I realized only while using it: Across can “forward” both the keyboard and the mouse, and with the new accessibility features, the mouse is actually really useful on ipados!

I have my iPad around at work anyway to take notes in meetings, and now it has a real home on my desk AND my tasks are back in Things. I thought this would be a hack, but it feels quite good and productive (I rarely need to touch the iPad) so I thought I let you guys know.
The only downside is mentally switching keyboard shortcuts and no clipboard sharing.

FWIW, I was able to do the Outlook chaining. A few limitations:

  • task title and notes import just fine
  • outlook “due date” = the “when” date in Things (not the “Deadline”)
  • outlook “start date” and “reminders” are ignored

As for a global hotkey in windows to create a new task, I’m not aware of a system one. If your admin will allow you to install something like AutoHotKey, you could probably set it up. Otherwise, Control-Shift-K works to create a task anywhere in Outlook.