Task Managers for Home and Work

I’m trying to simplify my task manager workflow, but the more simple I make it, the more complex things become.

How so? Well, I decided I was going to use Todoist for both work and personal tasks, leaving the Apple Reminders app for things of the “remind me take the casserole out of the oven in 30 minutes” variety.

This system has served me well for the past few months, but I’m on Office 365 at work and they’ve recently implemented this amazing ( :roll_eyes:) policy where you have to sign into your account every few days. Since I use the Todoist Outlook Add-In to add tasks, I’ll be halfway through my day at times when I notice the tasks I added 2 hours ago aren’t in Todoist. Looking more closely at the “add-in”, it says “error, task not added, please sign in”. This isn’t great for seamless workflow. It’s bad enough needing to sign in regularly (ToDo does this too), but not noticing for a while – that’s not cool.

So I think to myself okay, I’ll use MS ToDo at work. My manager rarely assigns tasks to me in this way, but sometimes for large projects he’ll send something to me in Planner and it might be handy to see this in ToDo whereas there’s no link here w Todoist – so okay, that’s not too bad.

But then the issue comes up of where to put my personal tasks. I don’t want to use ToDo as my personal task manager – for a number of reasons. It’s my work account, the mobile app isn’t as slick as Todoist, and when I’m trying to add a personal task on a Saturday I don’t need a prompt asking me to sign into my work account within ToDo.

So okay – I’ll use Reminders for personal tasks and MS ToDo for work. But now I’ve just split my life into two apps. That definitely has some advantages (ie. keeping work/home separate), but also adds an additional app into my life and could be cumbersome in situations where things overlap.

I was waffling on this and then I realized – MPU Talk would have some ideas. Even if it’s just to share how you manage this, it might knock something loose in my idea epicentre!

I prefer Due App for this type with deliberate annoying auto snooze…


If you sign into your Office365 account in your iOS and macOS settings/system preferences then you should be able to see both in the Reminders app. Might that work?

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It’s definitely an idea that opens some doors, thank you. I played a bit with ToDo after posting earlier today and it’s as “meh” as I remember. :smiling_face:

I’ve become so accustomed to the natural language input in Todoist, I think it might be worth multiple sign-ins per week.

Maybe it is possible to sign into this account on a regular „voluntary“ base?
So if the account needs (for example) a new sign in every 2,5 days, you could sign in every two days without a prompt to do so, to circumnavigate this issue, and reset the counter.