Task timer app with notification feature

Hi all,

Does anyone know of an app that prompts at specific time periods (e.g. every half hour) for input on what you working on?

I need to submit timesheets for work and I keep forgetting to change my timer, so an apt with a prompt would be awesome.


I believe Vitamin-R could be tweaked to that effect.

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Toggl desktop will do what you want. Check the pricing … there’s a free level that might not have all the features you want. Or the paid level might be worthwhile if it recoups a few billable hours for you, then it’s worth it.

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I agree with @anon41602260 in that a time tracker is probably the most powerful way to solve your scenario. That said, if you want something more light touch, there’s Multi Timer.

It won’t ask you for a prompt, but it’ll run a repeating timer with a nudge notification every time it goes off. It wouldn’t be difficult to then have home screen shortcut or something to append a log to a file.

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I track the quality and quantity of deep work hours worked with Vitamin-R, as well as capturing time spent on each activity in Toggl. Using this approach, you set up your intention and your timer at the same time, so you never forget to set a timer, and you have clarity for the next time slice (pomodoro of 25 minutes, or whatever you prefer).

I have combined Vitamin-R and Toggl Timer using Keyboard Maestro. Vitamin-R captures your Objective (my intention for that time slice) and starting the time slice fires an Apple Script event that sends the Objective to Keyboard Maestro. It the Objective has changed since the last time slice, it starts a new Toggl timer using the Toggl API for that Objective. It also fires up Focus@Will (https://www.focusatwill.com/) music and a distraction blocker called Focus (heyfocus.com).

As an aside, Toggl Desktop also captures how long you’ve spent in each active application window in that time period, allowing you to look back and see exactly what you were doing if you need to adjust timers.


This is brilliant – I’ve been searching for a way to integrate Toggl and Keyboard Maestro.

Would you mind sharing your Apple Script ?

Thanks! :blush: