TaskPaper users - are you out there?

I’m really curious to know if anyone besides me used the TaskPaper plain text file format today – maybe in the TaskPaper app on your Mac or in any of a number of other apps and text editors that support this open source file format?

I’m a recent convert myself. Talk about blind spots. I looked at “ToDo.txt” a long time ago and decided that plain text task managers were not for me and stopped looking. Thanks to @Beck’s post on a new app called Bike by TaskPaper’s developer Hog Bay Software, I discovered TaskPaper, a plain text task manager that works for me. Not only that, TaskPaper has taken over as the writing tool I use for my daily personal log. Previously, I created Markdown formatted documents written in the Byword editor.

Added to my workflow in TaskPaper yesterday by exporting a shopping list to Apple Reminders just before leaving the house. Ran around to all the places, checking off items on my iPhone as I made each purchase. When I got home, I imported the remaining few Reminders back into TaskPaper. I’m very Mac-oriented, especially now that I’m retired and not having to use Windows and Unix machines at work, and I prefer to handle all my lists and logs on the Mac.

I used TaskPaper exclusively for checklists and task management for years. I even cobbled together my own faux Kanban-style board to display tasks in different sticky-like blocks depending whether I had time to do them currently, or if they were done, or waiting on someone else (@waiting(someone)) and so on.

My love for NotePlan led me to FoldingText, one of the most versatile markdown editors I’ve used (but it hasn’t been updated in a while and got glitchy as time went on).

Part of me would still prefer to keep using TaskPaper and FoldingText. These days I use NotePlan a lot for tasks (daily and project), which has much the same sensibility, but easier theming and syntax extension, and it also shows me my calendar and works a little better for random notes (a la FoldingText).

For quick ad-hoc task lists that I have no need to keep (a busy day’s errands, groceries), I often use TaskPaper mode in Drafts, which is great.


Thanks for your reply. Maybe I should not give up on NotePlan yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

FoldingText is an amazing little Markdown editor, very like Typora in terms of hiding the Markdown markup, but is still an Intel app and the current version is abandonware until and if the the new owner releases something.

The TaskPaper app has been declared feature-complete but hopefully will stick around. Nice to know that apps like Drafts could pick up the slack, if need be,

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