Tasks App looks very good

I heard about this on the latest MPU podcast…

Good task app… Have you heard of this?

Mac and IOS

Tasks: To Do Lists & Planner

What are the costs? I can’t tell from the App Store listing and there is no dedicated website.


The developer’s twitter account says: To Do and Kanban. But I’m seeing no kanban-ish stuff for Tasks based on App Store screenshots

free download to try kanban

I’m seeing it. It’s the do/doing/done columns.

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Thanks. So it’s kanban-ish. Do you know if there’s any control over the “category/tag” used for those 3 columns?

For example, I don’t really need to see what I’ve “done”. Cute, but not helpful (for me). So it’s a waste of screen real estate. But if I can control the category/tag that goes into the kanban then it may be helpful to me.

There’s some control. Here’s where you add/edit/rearrange them in the app.

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@cornchip Thanks, this is great to know!

Also, one review says the trial version gives you two projects. Subscription presumably unlocks that

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thanks for introducing this app. How do you compare with goodtask, which I like a lot as I can use Siri to enter simple reminders then manage with goodtask

goodtask tied to reminders data this one does not I think.

this has kanban - GT does not I think

Tasks: I see smart lists but do NOT see sorting…

seems like it could use more features