Teaching kids about password safety

My kids all now have iPhones but don’t have great password habits. I’d like to get them into using a password manager, but I feel like 1password may be a little bit of overload on them. Are there simpler password managers? What have others used (if anyone’s been in this situation)?

If you want something simpler I think iCloud Keychain is the logical choice.

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My kids use 1Password; it’s not been a problem for them.

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Both my daughters have used 1Password for years (my youngest started when she was 7 I think)
It’s never been an issue, they even find it strange to use a device without 1P installen now :slight_smile:
And with the family subscription I can at least make sure they have the pw’s they need, and keep an eye on their password use.


My kid used simple password like 123456, name. I already discussed many times with my baby but they don’t want to listen. Because it’s tough to remember hard password.

that’s the point of a password manager… just remember 1 password, nothing else :slight_smile:

What happened to teaching kids password quality with Mastermind? :wink: https://www.amazon.com/Mastermind-Game-Strategy-Codemaker-Codebreaker/dp/B00000DMBF

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I can guess their password in less than 10 tries. And it’s usually red-yellow-red-blue.

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