Technical drawing on the iPad

I am looking for an app for technical drawing. Nothing specific but I would like to have various virtual rulers and be able to draw in metric. Something like notes used to have:


I’ve not used very many or really know the market. That’s becuase I settled on and have been happy with Omni Graffle for a number of years now…

Oh, really? And how do you use it? I need it mostly for geometry drawings so I am not sure about Omni Graffle.

You might check out Concepts.


Cheers, I’ll give it a go.

I use Graphic, which lets me draw to scale.
For on screen rulers, I made a layer with rulers on it that I just make visible when needed, but generally I draw a new dimension line to make a measurement, then undo to remove it again.

You might look at Morpholio Trace. Killer app for architects. You can set virtual ‘trace’ paper to a scale and can be adjusted to imperial or metric units. Powerful app but comes with a steep learning curve.

Given you did not define “technical” nor “geometry”, I have no understanding of your needs. Oh well. Yes, probably best you skip it. You won’t like it. :wink:

I second Concepts . They have technical drawing very much in mind with this app.