TechTool Pro upgrade to version 10; are there alternatives?

I’ve been using TechTool Pro for several years now. I upgraded to version 9.5 about a year ago, then to 9.6 in December. Now they want me to upgrade to Version 10. Every time they charge $19.95.

My understanding now is that the upgrade will apply only to a single machine. You must pay $19.95 for each machine onto which you wish to install TechTool Pro.

This is beginning to seem more like a subscription service.

I’d be interested in hearing the thoughts of others on this. Is their upgrade/pricing model reasonable? Should they just call it what it seems to be becoming: a subscription-based application?

What alternatives to TechTool Pro do you use? Is it worth flipping?

As I have never used TechTool Pro, I cannot say whether it would be worth flipping but I can vouch for Disk Drill, which I have used for at least a few years. It is also the highest recommended alternative to TechTool Pro, among a bunch of others.

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A random thought or two, and a question. First, I don’t have a problem with a $19.95 upgrade to a new version (whole number, not “.8”). We all love free stuff, but it’s only fair we pay for something we use. Twenty bucks a year would be a very fair subscription price.

Can’t think of the other random thought now.

But, here’s my question: are the utilities like TechTool or Disk Doctor wise to use for “regular maintenance”? It seems to me in the past when I’ve used a utility to do regular maintenance on my hard drives, it’s not too long before I’m getting significant errors that utilities (including Apple’s Disk Utility) cannot seem to fix. A reformat and reinstall is the only solution. In contrast, on my current 13" MBP with solid state drive, I haven’t run any maintenance apps on it, and I’ve not had any problems at all.

It’s almost like the third party disk utilities create a situation (unintentionally) that is technically correct (file trees, maps, whatever) but that some bug in the macOS file system trips over. Strange.

Anyone else noticed this sort of oddity?

Well, if it were only once per year, I might not mind quite as much, but if you read my OP you will see that it’s closer to every 6 months now. Even still, if they really want a subscription plan, they should just do a subscription plan, and NOT charge $100 at the start and then $20 every six months thereafter.

Also, these are NOT major upgrades. I paid for 9.0, 9.5, and 9.6 (which was really just a beta to try to achieve file system compatibility with High Sierra).

As for Techtool corrupting your drive – I assume you had some symptoms before running it? This reminds me of a friend who claimed that his arthritis was caused by glucosamine. He tried glucosamine for about a week and didn’t think it was doing anything. So he stopped. Then, about 6 months later, he had a bad flareup of his arthritis. He blames the glucosamine that he took for a bout a week several months earlier. Why? Because he had never had a problem like that before he took glucosamine, ergo, the glucosamine must be to blame. Your standard post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

Good points, Quahog. I agree, $20 for incremental updates every several months is probably going over the line in my view.

As for running the utility and then problems showing up, I should have been much clearer. What I should have explained is I would take something like TechTool Pro, run the portion to see if there are any problems on a disk, have something show up, fix it in TTP, and then experience problems in the macOS operations on the disk.