Telegram Big Sur Icon

so I have found a great way to change bad looking icons with Big Sur icons. I am using the app pictogram and I have found great free icons on So all the non App Store icons can easily be changed via this method and I am also able to change the telegram icon to a Big Sur one but when I am opening the app it reverts to the old round icon. does anybody know how I can prevent the app from changing it by itself. this shouldn’t be happening in my opinion.

Thanks for the help.

Is Telegram an electron app? If so you’ll have to replace the icon within its app resources folder (right click / show package contents) and not just in the Get Info pane.

thank you will try that

Didn’t work still switching back upon opening. mmmhhhhh

I uninstalled the app and tried it again and now it works via the method I described above. Thanks regardless.

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