Telestream can learn a lot about licensing from DevonTechnologies

Two seats. Two Seat. Two Seats.

A lot of us have desktops and notebooks. Forcing us into the Mac AppStore for a crippled version is not the answer. Relying on us to disable the license on the desktop to use our notebook, also not the answer.

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That’s my biggest gripe with the app, and the biggest reason I go as long as I can between upgrades.

I don’t understand the reference in your subject line.

screenflow licensing punishes users that pay for it.

devonthink does not.

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DevonTHINK version 3 was released this year and is limited to two seats, whereas it used to be unlimited.

So I would say that ScreenFlow did learn from DevonTechnologies.

“two seats” is a fair license for an individual. if one needs to license an office, maybe an individual license is not for them.

I never used devonthink before 3 as I rode the evernote horse until it died so I did not know they got more restrictive with v3.

Things can always get worse tho. I guess we should be thankful Screenflow is not a subscription service…

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Individual, not an office. Desktop, laptop, Mac mini running as a server to (among other things) store a bunch of DEVONthink databases.

I guess there is no perfect solution for everyone, but if a developer is going to put a ridiculous limit on the number of machines, two is better than one, which is the point of my post.