Tell us About Your First Mac


The RAM will stay regrettable but you can easily change the SSD for a bigger one - check out MacSales (OWC).


I still have a Mac SE somewhere in the house with a Lode Runner disk in the drive. I played for several hours a few years back and it was still brilliant.


Thank you @Diane I will see if OWC finally has an SSD for my MacBook Air model :crossed_fingers: :smile:


My first Apple was the Apple II+ in 1982, green screen monitor and an external 5 1/2 inch floppy drive. My first Mac was the Performa 637, then the first iMac, the eMac (huge and heavy) and now a 2017 iMac 27 inch. Each one has been fantastic, a joy to use, and hard to replace. Cheers


Funny you say that @lbutlr . Here is my games folder… spent a fair amount of time last night re-playing many of these, including Lode Runner. Timeless game!



I remember the Daleks game!

And drawing a Dalek was one of the first things I tried to draw in MacPaint.


My cousin had a Mac like this when I was just a kid, this gave me a wave of nostalgia!


I grew up on PCs as a kid and I have to admit my brother what a huge influencer with his 2002 lampshade iMac. Even though I thought it was kind of cool I still insisted I would never own a Mac. God help me because my first personal machine was a Gateway running Windows ME, I should’ve known then that the PC world wasn’t for me. I also dabbled in Alienware PCs for gaming before they were bought by Dell.

I then fell into Steve Jobs’ trap when iTunes was released for Windows. It really was a glass of water in hell for my modest music library mostly acquired through Napster as a teenager. in 2004 the Intel iMac was released and I bought it, so happy to have a beautiful Mac capable of running Windows in boot camp and for the first year it was used primarily as a windows machine for work. It performed better than any windows machine I had ever owned before it and over time I gave in to Apple completely.


I used Mac Classics in the computer room at Medical University in the early 1990’s. I was amazed that, using the pre-www protocol known as gopher, I could actually surf around and connect to computer servers on the other side of the globe.


I did a lot of gophering from a terminal emulator.


Back when the iPhone 4S came out, I started a new job and my new boss asked me whether I wanted an iPhone or Android as my company phone. I shrugged: “What do you like?” She was an Apple person; so was the server guy. I had no strong preference. “Okay, iPhone.” And over the next several years, the gravitational pull of the ecosystem took hold. When the graphics department bought the first of the new thinline iMacs a couple of years later, a 27” iMac lacked a home and I grabbed it. Man, I miss that machine; coincidentally, it bit the dust a month before I left that job. But I’ve been on Macs and iPads at home and work ever since.


My first Mac is actually the 2017 15-inch Macbook Pro! About 3 years ago, I got my first iPhone. You see, I was one of these smartphone hold outs and continued to have a flip phone up until 2009. Finally, my job necessitated that I get a fancier phone, and my wife already had an iPhone 4s, so I went out and I got my first iPhone at the Verizon store, the iPhone 6. I fell in love with this device and it truly changed the way I work and lived my life. Naturally, I was on the apple bandwagon. After that, I wanted a Mac so bad, but truthfully, I could not afford one until last year, and of course I went for it with an awesome space gray 15-inch MacBook Pro that I am using to type these words. Love this computer, and unlike most perhaps in this forum, I absolutely love the touch bar!


The first Mac I ever bought for myself was the original Bondi Blue iMac. Arrived just before I started college. We’d had a Mac in the house before that - a Power Mac 5200 LC. I remember spending $100 to upgrade from 8 MB RAM to 24 MB so I could play X-Wing when it was finally released for Mac by LucasArts. Before that, we had an Apple IIc+.

But the Bondi Blue was all mine!


My first Mac was a Performa 6200! I loved that machine and still have it. The last time I checked– it was working. Never once did my trusty Mac let me down. When I had problems, I would refer to my books. If that didn’t help, I drove to MicroCenter. In the back of the store, there was a tiny Mac section. I’d ask my favorite geek and he’d tell me something along the line of like “Try zapping the P RAM”, Voila! My trusty computer was up and running again.

I got hooked on the Mac when one was delivered to my third grade classroom. I didn’t even know how to turn the machine on! The kids taught me. I also borrowed software and know-how from our resident Mac specialist– much to his delight. You find such camaraderie among the Mac community!

I bought HP printers and designed units for my students. I hung out in the Writers chatroom on AOL.

My Performa eventually ran out of space. I had about 20 mg left.

I bought a couple of G4’s. Then iPads.

My latest is an iPad mini4 which I just love! I’d like to get a laptop but I’m not sure for what?


I’m a youngster do my first apple device was the iPhone 3G! That got me into Apple stuff, and when my laptop died, I gravitated towards the Mac. With my dad’s approval (it’s his money after all!) I got the late 2010 macbook pro. It served me well for a good… 6 odd years? It just got slower and slower as I filled it out with more software and other junk. Eventually it was too slow for me to bear and I got a new Mac.


My first Mac was a MacBook adorable I bought in Feb 2017. iPhone user since 4S and iPad 2. I have used Windows all my life until last year. I’ve been kicking myself for the last 16 months for not jumping into Apple computers sooner. I have already converted 2 or 3 others to Mac since. OBVIOUSLY superior machinery. Happy to be here.


Got my first Mac in 2011, an 11” MacBook Pro.
Used it for three years and then passed it on.


My family always had Apple computers, so I have lived my entire life around Macs. But I got my first Mac as a hand down from my father. I was about five years old and it was a maxed out Power Mac G4 (I still have it after twelve years working like a charm). That’s what sparked my lifelong interest in computers, only Macs of course. My first real encounter with Windows was in High School (Czech republic education system doesn’t have money for anything decent).


My first Mac was a Mac Plus, purchased with a gigantic (well, physically anyway) external 20Mb SCSI disk. Prior to that, I spent some time in “wannabe” land with an Atari 520ST. I no longer have the Plus, but the Color Classic and PowerBook 165c that followed it still hold places of honour. After a brief foray into the Windows world when it looked like Apple lost its way during the 90’s, I got back on board with an Aluminum PowerBook G4 and haven’t looked back. Today, I’m typing this on an iMac Pro, which is (IMHO) one of the most amazing machines Apple has ever built.

It’s hard to pick only one thing that I liked best about the Plus: its form factor and – for the era – groundbreaking use of typography in the UI had me from the first moment. (In retrospect, longer exposure to that high keyboard was probably a short road to major RSI problems, but I was a lot younger then…)


My first Mac was a 17” iMac G4. I had just moved to the states and I remember going to Fry’s I believe to look at it. It was so futuristic at the time compared to my old tower PC. I haven’t looked back since!