Tell us About Your First Mac


I definitely used Macs while in high school (working on the school newspaper) and my aunt and uncle had a IIe, but the very first Mac I bought for myself was a Performa 460 (lovely pizza box design) in 1993. I was 20 and I charged it on a credit card that had an enormous interest rate (I had no clue) at Staples, of all places. I love that machine. It came with a dial-up modem and a few disks to get me online (AOL, for sure).

I built my first website on a Unix terminal, but once I sorted out how to add images, it was all the Performa.

After that it was a purple iMac, a G4 tower, some random beige hand-me-down Macs to take apart, a Powerbook 1400, a white iBook and now I’ve been on MacBook Pros for two rounds of machines. I’m thrilled that I now work in a place that lets me use a Mac, as well.


My first Mac was a Apple II plus with a whopping 48k. I later upgraded to 64k and thought I was in heaven. I bought it with a 4 1/4 inch floppy drive and used a 9” black and white TV for my monitor. VisiCalc was my first software. I still have this computer, VisiCalc, a a green phosphorus monitor I bought later. In fact, I even have my receipt showing I paid $1,885 for the computer, floppy drive, integer basic card, and RF modulator purchased in February 1981.


My first Mac was a Mac Plus, I purchased a 7 megabyte hard drive to plug into it. This was after an Apple II Plus and a IIe. Since then I have had more Mac models than I can remember. I even had a Mac Plus that a friend took apart and reassembled in a samsonite suite case. I had a “portable Mac” before Apple.
Today I have a retina 215 iMac.


For me it was the much-maligned LC in 1990. Macs were ludicrously expensive here in the UK and the Low Cost (I believe) finally made Macs affordable. So I bought 2. Plus a new fangled laser printer and some software. Bill=£10,000! The LC ran on System 6. Life was never the same.mac-lc-with-screen


My first computer was an Apple II plus. I taught myself Basic over the summer. I think my dad recognized my obsession with computers before I did. He encouraged my interests by buying the family a used Mac 128K from the local high school. I was hooked. By the time I went to high school, it was clear the Mac was going to play a big role in my life. Later I would volunteer my time at my high school computer lab. I helped setup computers to the school network, and did some of my first designs on a computer by making signs for the lab.

When I was a senior in high school, my dad co-signed a loan so I could buy the first computer I ever owned, which was a Macintosh Performa 637CD. It came with a printer, a monitor, and a free subscription to Money Magazine.

I still remember unpacking the computer and setting it up in my bedroom. That computer was the first computer I ever owned, it was also the first computer I ever logged on to the internet. It was my first portal to a much larger and more interesting world.


My first Mac was a MacBook Pro 13" (Late 2011). Growing up, we owned Windows laptops, mostly HPs that my parents would let us borrow for school projects. When I got married, my wife and I purchased a Sony laptop (I don’t remember the specs) that was heavy and bulky so after a couple years, we decided to try out something different.

We were extremely happy with our new MacBook Pro and I would look for any excuse to use it. During this time, I enrolled in a computer science degree program and needed to beef up the computer a bit so I doubled the RAM to 8GB. My mother-in-law still has this machine after I upgraded to a decked out 2015 13" Retina MacBook Pro, which I’m still using today


The original Macintosh 128k. I used it for home stuff but it really shined when I would lug it to work. As a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, I used it to produce transport statistics, lectures, and developed databases with Filemaker v1. Eventually upgraded to the Plus. A colleague and I developed a BabyBook, a manual of care for babies in NICUs. We used a ThunderScan (a device that converter an ImageWriter printer into a scanner) to add graphics. We were able to get a grant from a formula company. They distributed the books (one for nurses and one for parents) to every NICU in the US. We included a disk with all of the files so that each unit could edit as they pleased. In exchange, we received 3 Macintosh Iix’s, a Laserwriter and a scanner. We were “living large”.

Sadly, for the first time since 1984, it powered up but would not read any of the system disks. I guess it did not survive the last move 4 years ago, although it was packed and stored securely in its case.Mac%20128%20k


My first Mac? My first Mac was actually my first computer ever. The year was 1990, and the second that I saw the Mac, I thought, “Wow, files, folders, drag and drop…this just makes sense. I can do this!” The next week, I saw demos of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark XPress, and it was as plain as day that I needed to jump on this train. I looked at Windows at the time and it looked sort of like a Mac, but in no way felt like a Mac.

Within the month, I was a dad for the first time and also the proud owner of a Mac IIcx. As I recall, it had 4 mb of Ram and a 80 mb hard drive running Mac OS 6.0.3. 13 inch monitor. I think the total cost was around $6500. After a year I upgraded to 30 mb of ram. At the time, I recall saying that “I have gobs of ram! I’ll never need more ram!” (the extra ram cost $1000) After that came an 88 mb Syquest drive system with three cartridges and then a scanner.

I still have my first Mac. I can’t bear to part with it.

I’ve had many Macs since and enjoyed each one!


I became infatuated with Macs at an OS X launch party back in 2000. At the time, I had a strong preference for Linux over Windows (although Windows paid the bills) and when I saw OS X come out with its UNIX underpinnings and candy-coated shell, I was hooked. Money and software availability (and the inability to run Windows) held me back.

My first Mac was a 2006 white MacBook, the first one that supported 4 GB RAM and came out right after Leopard. Had the top case replaced on it twice for the cracking wrist rest issue. My excuse was that my tower PC was on its last legs (rebuilding it from scratch was not going to be fun), the Mac came packaged with decent photo & video editing software (thought I’d be doing a lot of video editing having a baby in the house) and I wanted something portable.

I ran that until late 2013, when I got a Mid-2012 15" MacBook Pro (refurb) and I’ve been using that for the past 5 years.

I used Macs very occasionally at work between 2000 and 2005, mostly to check website layout/functionality. And Apple ][s through high school.


I was less than 10 years old, but I’m pretty sure my first family computer was a Power Macintosh 7100. I’m used them ever since! The first mac which was actually mine was a hand-me-down PowerBook G3. Brilliant machine.


So, my first Mac was a Macintosh Classic. Learned to Code using TrueBasic on it. My School was a Macintosh school at the the time and we had a suite of them. Started this expensive love affair. I was 12 and it was 1993My%20First%20Mac


My first Apple was either hugely left field, or ahead of its time. The Apple IIc was Apple’s first attempt at mobile. The IIc even had a handle on the back for carrying - pity about the lack of a solution for the monitor though. Lets just say that portability has improved a little in my current iPad Pro!


The first Mac that I used was a Mac IIGS. It was my college roommate’s and I loved it.

The first Mac I OWNED was a Centris 650. I bought Aldus Freehand, Photoshop and a scanner with it (as well as a monitor) and it set me back over 5k. I ran that sucker for YEARS until the 80mb HD was full and I had to use Zip disks to run the OS.

Sold it to buy a Rev A Bondi Blue iMac when it was released.


I had exactly the same one. Cost lot as I recall compared to a Dell laptop. Asked my friend whether I should do it. ‘Trust me’, he said and I did! Lasted to 2012, 6 years.

Then MacBook Air for three years, have it to my son.

Got a 2015 MacBook Pro 13” but after a year tried an iPad only experiment. Worked a dream. Sold MacBook and bought a 10.5” Pro.

Still have a 2010 iMac for family and lurk on eBay looking for…I don’t know, perhaps a MacBookAdorable? No stop it…! Mustn’t! But the Precious calls me…We mustn’t…


My first mac was an early 2006 MacBook Pro 15 inch, the core duo version, which is now retired.

Then another 2 MacBook Pro (2011 and 2016 - with some keyboard issue, that i hope will be solved by the newly launched repair program) and a 2013 MacBook Air that i use at work.


My first Mac was an Apple //gs. Now let me defend this. Apple ported MacOS to the Apple //gs and called it GSOS. It had everything the Mac OS had at the time, plus it was in color when the Mac was still Black and White. The port of the QuickDraw, the precursor to OpenGL and Metal, expanded the API to make things like drawing the OK button easier. There was no canned object for the OK button, you had to follow Apple’s guidelines for drawing the button’s outline. In addition to having a full Mac OS, it also ran all of my old Apple //e software so it truly was the best of both worlds.


My father worked for a computer store in the late 70’s, so we had an Apple II when they were first released. I then drifted through Commodore, Atari and PC’s. I worked for an architect in 89 who bought an SE30. I loved Macs and used them in architecture practices from 89 to the present day. But, the first Mac that I bought for myself was a PowerBook 2400 that used until the screen hinge completely failed. Despite the various glass that these PowerBook models, I loved it.


Apple II. When I got it home and tried to turn it on it talked about ‘booting’. None of us had heard of that.


My first encounter with a Mac was in 1988, when I quit my job as a librarian and got one as a PC support operative in a state government department. At the time the Department had About 150 personal computers and around 50 of them were Macs. At that time I was an IBM PC user, so I didn’t have much to do with the Macs, but there were a couple of Mac Plus’s in the PC support area for shared use. These were the harddrive-less models, but someone had shoe horned 20 MB hard drives into them, and I can clearly remember coming into the area and seeing smoke coming out of the top of one of them, because of course they had no fans.

None of the IBM PCs in the building was networked in 1988, but the Mac users had got together and setup AppleTalk networks, which they used to share the humungously expensive Laserwriters.

The first Mac I owned was a Mac Mini that I bought in around 2005. It was the last model before Apple switched to Intel processors, so it was a bit of a dead end. I acquired it to host my music library, which consisted of the tracks I had ripped from my CD collection. I’d tried a number of Windows-based music players, and having installed iTunes, I figured I should try running it on a Mac.

I continued using Windows through every version between Windows 286 and whatever the awful one before Windows 7 was called. I’d been outsourced from my state government job to Andersen Consulting, and been made redundant by it, and I was working as my wife’s office manager when Apple released the first MacBook Air (2010?). I’d become progressively more annoyed by the problems I experienced getting Windows to run successfully on the PCs I was bulding myself, so I bought one. I loved it. After a few months of using the laptop as my main machine I bought a 23” iMac. That in turn has been replaced by a 27” iMac (well, 2 - one bought in 2013 and the current one bought in 2016). I persuaded my wife that she would like to ditch her PC in favor of my old 23” - which is now 7 years old, and still going strong. Meanwhile Microsoft seems to have been producing worse and worse versions of Windows. I’m glad I made the switch. Although I do miss Delphi.


1st Mac was a black “Wall Steet,” souped up and cost a whopping $3,000! I loved it so much, It never “died.” Eventually, it didn’t have enough power to do anything online and couldn’t update OS.