Template for Tables in OmniGraffle

I found OmniGraffle great for making quick tables. It beats trying to get Word to do what you want or create it in photo/graphic editing software. Thought I’d share the template from a simple table.


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This link gives a 404 error (That file isn’t here anymore).

Try now, I reuploaded the file

Thanks. Did you ever try to use the “Make Table” feature in OmniGraffle? Here is a video a few years old but the basics look like they still apply. https://vimeo.com/141208197

I’m not sure how I ever overlooked this feature in OG. Thanks for bringing up this topic. Also, I am not sure this feature would be right for what you are doing.

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I have not! I also overlooked this feature. It might not work, but nice to know. Thanks for sharing! I created this and just stuck with this for a while. Once I figured out one way, I stuck with it.