Temporary Setups?

Are there any people out there who doesn’t have a dedicated desk and need a setup that is able to pack up and put away quickly? Any tips or tricks?

Here’s what I figured out: iPad via SideCar as an extra monitor, mStand to put monitor closer to eye level, Magic Trackpad and Keyboard and noise cancelling headphones for some quiet.

The headphones tuck into the case. The keyboard and trackpad slide under the mStand and can be easily put away with the closed laptop perched on top. Then my desk becomes a dining table again.


I have one of these to convert any table into a standing desk Etsy Link


I recently purchased an Asus Zenscreen monitor and that works nicely for a portable screen - bigger than an iPad as well. It works quite nicely on my desk, as it’s significantly smaller than a monitor as well, as my 27" already takes up most of the space.

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At home I have to reconfigure my personal desk when working from home.

Personal kit is a Mac Mini connected to a 24” monitor via HDMI with a HDMI switching box to allow my Work laptop to also connect at the flick of a switch.

I have the Apple Alu full size keyboard with number pad and the original Magic Trackpad.

For my work laptop I have a compact win Keyboard and a wireless mouse, plus a foldaway laptop stand. All can be stowed compactly when not in use.

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We used to live in a 36sq/m condo before we moved to a home outside the city. I used our kitchen table as my desk. I used a Moft Sit-Stand Desk. Can be folded in different settings and allow me to have a "standing desk. I can easily fold it and tuck it in with my laptop when I need to move it comes lunch/dinner time.

I also use my iPad Pro as a drawing tablet and as a second monitor to my Macbook Pro keeping my set up small.

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Thanks for asking this. We have a seaside house that we rent out, but save time for ourselves to go work from there and I always struggle with setting up my space.

I have a Logitech keyboard and mouse that I bring with me, both the kind that use the dongle because when I use Bluetooth is disconnects too much. My every day machine is a MBP, but at home I have it plugged into a 27" monitor which is harder to travel with, so I use Sidecar + my iPad Pro. I often need more screen space, tbh.

I plug it all into a James Donkey usb-c hub that I keep in my travel bag.

I also bought the smallest folding table (like a “card table” my mom would call it) on Amazon and use that as a desk. I can fold it and put it into a closet when we’re not there. I sit on a wooden kitchen chair, I need to figure out how to make that better.

M1 macbook air and loyal companions:

  • Nextstand K2 cheap, light and flexible laptop stand that can go in any bag
  • Some solution to attach Ipad to side of laptop - Here is one, not sure if it is the one I have but goes great with Sidecar (used Luna display before but now it is mostly obsolete, aside from one I want to use a 2nd macbook as monitor to the main one)
  • Magic keyboard + trackpad (as laptop is on stand and I cannot use the built-in one)
  • I used to rely on the Edge desk when I needed an all-in-one solution to quickly deploy a desk in a tiny apartment with no room for a real one and no access to the dining table.
  • Airpods pro - more compact than over-ears headphones and still some noise-cancelling capabilities
  • Stream deck a bit of gimmick in a portable setup but helps to make up for the lack of screen real estate alongside other macro apps (alfred, raycast, keyboard maestro, bunch) that helps (among other things) with everything screens and windows management
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I have this standing desk converter that works great. I put it on the kitchen table during the day, collapse it and store it all other times. Sometimes I put an extra monitor on it, sometimes I just use my laptop. I can put the monitor behind my laptop or beside it. I also have one of these portable standing desks, it works okay.


That room has such a great vibe.


Agreed with neonate, love the feel of that room and the beautiful view of green outside the doors!