Terrible experience with Hover

Used to be good, no longer.

Had a crucial domain about to expire in a week. Decided to transfer to CloudFlare (for domain registration, not just cach/ddos protection).

Went through the whole process including getting special code from Hover website.

CloudFlare says waiting on Hover. Never got any confirmation from Hover, never got any instructions whether I had to manually approve the transfer.

Filed tech support request with Hover, NEVER got any response.

In the meantime, getting automated emails from Hover warning me domain needs to be renewed (auto-renewal turned off).

Only by checking nerd tools (actual registrar queries) do I see status is “pending transfer” and with a lot of Google finding out they hold up all transfers for 5 days. (No reason why or how to expedite).

Finally confirm transfer of registration went through with CLoudflare (with only 2 days spare), yet still getting automated emails from Hover warning me I need to auto-renew.

Apparently, they don’t even realize the domain actually isn’t with them anymore, but they want to take my money.

Gee, the fact that CloudFlare has a just-as-easy web interface and offers rock-bottom fees for everything, Hover has no reason to suddenly be so unfriendly and lousy service?

I transferred from Hover to Porkbun recently. I was informed that the transfer could take more than 5 days, but like you I am surprised that I now keep receiving renewal mails from Hover for domains that are no longer registered there.

I haven’t been unhappy with any of their automated stuff, but their phone support has been atrocious for years. They used to have the big thing about how you wouldn’t wait on hold to talk to somebody, and that’s not the case anymore. They still acknowledge the commitment in their “on hold” message - but they just don’t pick up the phone. Half hour or more support timeframes.

I’m still there because I don’t want to switch to a registrar that’s a ton more expensive, and I don’t want a registrar that’s constantly pushing hosting upsells, marketing solutions, site builders, etc.

Any recommendations?

The maximum time a domain name can be registered is 10 years so I’ve been renewing my domains every 5 years. At my age I may not need to do that again more than once so I’ll probably stick with Hover. :grinning:


Both Cloudflare and Porkbun are cheaper than Hover (and don’t upsell as far a I know).

(Cloudflare is probably the cheapest, but limits DNS name servers to their own)

Uh yeah, CloudFlare. It’s a registrar that is the lowest cost. They don’t push it as it isn’t their #1 or only service, but just as easy as anyone else, and you can then add the free tier of CloudFlare protection services to domain too.

Same here, transferred 2 domains from Hover to Porkbun.
My domains would expire a month from now, so no renewal notifications from Hover (yet?).

The process was smooth. I entered the domain names and transfer codes from Hover in Porkbun’s domain transfer page.

The next day I got the emails from Tucows (Hover) informing me of the transfer request, and if I didn’t cancel, the domains would be transferred within 5 days.

5 days later, the domains were active in Porkbun with the same DNS settings.
Zero configuration required.