Testing beta via SuperDuper

Hi folks, just wanted to see if there were any obvious problems with the following strategy: if I use SuperDuper to clone my drive onto an external, then boot from that external and install Big Sur, do you foresee any significant issues as compared to installing it from scratch on the external drive?


I don’t see a problem but have you cloned a boot drive and successfully booted from it? I ask because the dev behind Carbon Copy Cloner notes that T2-based Macs can’t boot from encrypted HFS+ volumes:


Drive would have to be APFS to install Big Sur (or Catalina) anyway.

This is the way I always install betas. Never on my internal (and “mission critical”) drive.

Do you have another copy of that data? If not, “one is none” and I would worry about that external drive failing and then you’ve lost your current set of data.

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I am always a little bit concerned about information stored in iCloud, worried that it won’t sync correctly when you go back to your original Disk.

Has anyone experience problems with iCloud and running off a and test disk

Thanks all! My biggest concern is definitely related to iCloud (I do have multiple backups so OK on that front). I’m worried about Apple’s servers flipping out if some IDs I don’t know about that should be unique are duplicated.