Text/Email Customer Support

As I sit here on hold for over 2 hours waiting on CenturyLink, probably for them not to fix my problem, I was wondering what the community thought about Text/Email support.

I used email tech support with my Abode security system and it worked well. I was able to respond when I had time and wanted to. It took longer to resolve my issue but it was done on my time, not theirs, and my problem was actually solved.

*Update: After 2 1/2 hrs on hold it only took about 20 minutes for them to figure out there is a problem with the fiber line itself, something that could have easily been figured out through an email/text.

Email support with small development shops is almost always good in my experience. Chat support with Amazon is surprisingly effective.


I’ve used chat with Dish support and it always worked better than calling. When traveling in our RV I have to contact them when we move to change the local stations we receive. I have a prepared note with the information in it needs just copy that into the chat. No miscommunication.

I also use email support for non-time sensitive issues.

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I had good luck with CenturyLink in the past, and I do ok with Comcast now. The secret, for me, is to get someone in Tech Support (not Customer Support). Of course, a lot of times that’s easier said than done.

That’s what I was waiting 2 1/2 hours for, Tech Support. Once I got them it was fast.