Text Expander - Random Answer

Greetings Mac Power Users!

I’d like to create a snippet that drops in a random reply based on a predefined list of responses.

Students are required to do a weekly check-in with me online to let me know how they are managing.
95% of the time, they just say “I’m managing great.” I’d like to envoke a keystroke and have Text Expander drop in a random response from a pre-defined list, so each week the response isn’t always “Super!”

My list of responses would be something like this:

Great to hear!
That’s great!
Awesome News!
I’m glad you are managing fine!

I get that I could make a snippet where I pick from a list, but I was hoping that I could just type a shortcut and TextExapnder would simply pick a random one.

Thanks in advance!

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With Textexpander you can create templates. Google “Fill in snippets textexpander” without the quotes

Thanks, I’ll do that now.