Text Expansion: Case sensitivity

Hi everyone! Is there a way in any text expansion app that expands the snippet while respecting the case of the first letter. e.g.,

  • if hw expands to hello world, then
  • Hw should expand to Hello world (notice the H is capital based on the Hw in the keyword)

without adding additional snippet (I would only configure hw > hello world. The app should be smart enough to respect the casing).

Right now in Alfred/macOS text replacement snippets, I have to add two snippet hw and Hw :expressionless:

I’m hoping if there’s a way this can be done in macOS snippets or Alfred or Keyboard Maestro. Other app suggestions are also helpful!

If this feature doesn’t work in either of those apps, I’d have to switch from using Alfred to another app which I’m hoping not to :frowning:

See case propagation in Espanso…


This is exactly what I want. Yes yes.

Hopefully someone else has a suggestion for the apps I mentioned or an easier way for me to accomplish this without switching app. Else I’d have to.

Seems like iOS already does this with the first letter casing. The only thing is I’d have to sync my iOS snippets with this new app (Espanso or something else)

It can be done easily in TextExpander

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Typinator does it as well.


I couldn’t find the feature on their website. If it’s not too much effort for you, would it be possible if share the screenshot of the feature. Would be good to see how the present it.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 9.32.45 PM

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@OogieM Sorry about another one. Do you know how does Typinator store snippets/text expansions? I was thinking to have a script pull my iOS text snippets and push them to Typinator. Does it store it in plain file/json/sqllite?

No clue. I suggest going to their website for more info ergonis.com

“We distribute Typinator on a “try before you buy” basis. We encourage you to download and try before your purchase. As long as you do not have a license key, Typinator runs in trial mode. You can test Typinator in TextEdit as long and as often as you wish. In other applications, it will display a registration reminder after a couple of expansions.”

You can try it for as long as you care to.

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