Text expansion options

Hi all,

I’m looking for recommendations for text expansion software.

Text Expander seems to be the biggest player, but I’m keen to avoid another subscription if possible.

I’ve tried:
Typinator, but found it’s expansion inconsistent with the manner in which it dealt with spaces and capitalisation.
aText crashes
Rocket has a painful user interface and inputting snippets is so difficult it renders the experience worst than actually typing everything out.

Thanks very much

There is currently a forum wide exploration on Typinator. Perhaps here you could ask and check whether your experience inconsistency on capitalization and spaces, is resolvable (I expect it largely is), or truly inherent to Typinator :

February 2022 Software of the Month — Typinator


I dropped my subscription to TextExpander last year - I think it started with a bug causing it to crash which led me to question the whole subscription and the almost zero value added to the product after the subscription launched. Stepping off my soapbox…

I’m using a 1-2 punch of Alfred for my more simple expansions and including Keyboard Maestro for some more complex procedures. Between the two (apps I was already using mind you) I feel that I’m getting just about everything I could hope for out of TextExpeander except that a few apps in iOS actually do support KM snippets. I just use the system expansion on iOS now which at least is consistent across apps.

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i knew there was a thread on this topic - worth checking out since it goes deep on alternatives to KM TextExpander Crashing - #56 by Rob_Polding

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espanso or Raycast’s built-in feature?

My recommendation is to use Alfred. It has a great inbuilt text expander.

Alternatively, if you already have Typinator, maybe the pro users in this post started by @anon41602260 might help you resolve the issues? People seem to like Typinator for its power features.

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