Text from buddy coming up as his mom on Mac not iPhone, same number not in other contact

So I have close family friends. For this explanation, let’s make it easy and name them Anna (the mom) and Seth (the son) Brown. Anna sent me a text, I responded back. When I responded back to Anna, it somehow got delivered to Seth too… not that it was inappropriate but didn’t make sense in context. Should I screenshot their contact info and delete the contact cards and make them from scratch? Should I sign in and out of my Messages from iCloud on my Mac? It’s been puzzling me for a while and is a minor annoyance. THoughts or solutions along with discussion always appreciated.

Maybe she accidentally group-texted you first?

I don’t think so, next time I’m over at their house following Covid-19 I’ll ask her if that’s the case. Still find it odd that it’s happening.

You could create a new text, not a reply, and ask her?

You can see immediately, by checking the user icons next to the texts - it would look like the double bubble-icon next to your own group text to them.


They might be sharing an iMessage ID and have text forwarding on. It’s more common than I would like.


I saw this happen years ago with iMessage. Son-in-law decided to sign in with my daughter’s AppleID

Hi all, so my friend Seth uses an iPhone, and Anna uses an android. Also, it appears as an individual message so Anna isn’t texting the two of us together.