Text Gobbledygook in email

My emails from Raycast on Monterey Apple Mail are a mass of emoticons.

Any idea why and how to correct this?

This looks like a font problem to me. First I’d check to see if it were temporary by restarting the Mac. If that didn’t fix it, I’d validate the fonts installed on the Mac to make sure they weren’t the problem. You do that in the app Font Book.

In Font Book, click on All Fonts in the sidebar, then select all the fonts that appear in the right panel (I do a command-A) and then select File > Validate selection. If there are errors, Font Book will give you options to fix them.

Those are two easy, non-destructive things to check.

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Theoretically, if you’re so inclined, you could export the email and pop it open in a text editor. Look for the font declarations in the underlying HTML and see which font it thinks it’s supposed to be using. That might give you some clues.

And of course another easy option, if it’s available, is to check your email in a web-based client or a second desktop client. See if that affects anything.