Text Message Forwarding vs Messages in iCloud

On my iphone, I use text message forwarding to my ipad and mac. This has worked well for me and I know the limitation is that when i get a new ipad or mac, that I will have to restore from a backup of the device to get the history on the new device. Are there any advantages to switching over to Messages in iCloud? I recall there being some syncing issues when they rolled it out. I’m assuming those have been fixed since I don’t see many questions about it.

Messages with iCloud sync has been pretty stable for me. The initial sync can take a long time and I’ve sometimes had to restart the messages app when setting up a new device so that they show up, but everything seems to settle down and sort itself out within a couple days. The biggest advantage is all the messages showing up in the right order on all devices, at least for me. Just make sure on your phone, you still have “text message forwarding” enabled otherwise SMS messages won’t show up (though it will let you send from other devices).

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