Text Message Spam

I received one text message spam that had a link in it. These were obvious spam messages. As I was trying to click on the message itself to forward to 7726 (SPAM), I accidentally clicked on the link. Ever since that mistake, I’ve gotten at least 5 txt message spam a day. The spam has some text and a link to some random website. Surprisingly, ios directs them directly into my Contacts & SMS inbox and not the Unknown spenders inbox.

Has anybody else encountered this? What suggestions do you have to stop it? Everytime I get one, I block the phone number and that seems like the extent that I can do.

When sender is not in your contacts list it should offer the option to Report Junk. If the spam text arrive in your Contact & SMS inbox you still can block this number straight from the Messages app, then take a screenshot of the offending message and send an email to imessage.spam@apple.com with the email address or phone number, and the date and time that you got the message.

Is that also applicable to plain old SMS or just iMessage?

Strangely enough it shows directly in my regular messages even though it’s not saved. It is a regular text message and not an iMessage. So I don’t have the option to report the junk