Text Replacement sync to windows?

I have been using phrase express as my text replacement. It works much better in my opinion than an app like text expander (and no subscription). I actually much prefer the keyboard on ios devices as it lets you see your lists/folders of snippets. Most of my snippets are really meeting templates so longer snippets that are multi-line with dates/etc, so switching keyboards for these hasn’t been a big deal.

Randomly browsing Dr. Drang’s site and found this A Mac-based miracle - All this (leancrew.com)

While it is a bit annoying you need to make this snippets from the mac, they work perfectly fine on the ios devices with multi-line support. Being built directly into all default keyboards is great. Most of the templates I use for meetings can be done with the native mac app, except for time/date data which would need to be manual.

I am contemplating a move over to the native text replacement app, but wondering if anyone knows of software that can sync this data to make it usable on windows somehow? This would open up a lot of possibilities at work where we are PC based.

(This essentially means I can have “templates” for apple notes, now if they would just make the linking notes a bit easier I think obsidian would probably go away for me as I simplify my apps)

Does espanso meet your needs?

Doesn’t look like this integrates with ios devices. It also doesn’t look like you can sync the “mac text replacement” list to its dropbox sync either.