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HI, I’m looking for a text to speech app that could take in PDFs, epubs, and webpages to listen to. I’ve enjoyed listening to audio content and would like to consume some articles that way. I’ve tried the spoken content option under accessibility which isn’t as customizable as I would like. There are two options that seem more popular. Has anybody tried these or can recommend any others?


Voice dream is great. It works best, IMO, if you pay for at least one of the voices rather than just using the built-in Siri voices.

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It looks pretty good and is not subscription like speechify. How have you imported content into the app?

You can use share sheet to import pdfs and webpages. You can also browse the files app, dropbox, gutenberg etc in the app.

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@r2d2 I’ve been using TTS for about 10 years now. For iOS, Voice Dream Reader is best in class, in my opinion. It is highly customizable, both in terms of visual settings and audio settings. It will handle PDFs (if they are OCRed), epubs, and webpages. For image-only PDFs, you’d need their Scanner app or another OCR app. I use ABBYY Fine Reader for my OCR needs.

:point_right:t2: JFYI, $9.99 for Reader is the sale price (50% off) which will last until Jan 2nd, according to the developer’s last email.

A few killer features:

  • Reader syncs between devices and remembers where you left off.
  • It syncs with Google Drive, Drop Box, Bookshare, and other services (see image below for the full list).
  • It is easy to download and use high quality voices from Acapela, Apple, and Ivona. A good voice can really improve the clarity and accuracy at higher speeds.

And . . . Voice Dream Reader is in beta for MacOS (see below)!

  • Reader on MacOS opens the app up to keyboard shortcuts which is phenomenal!

Before Reader came out in beta, I used GhostReader Plus which is a solid tool, but not as flexible at Reader.

:arrow_down: This is a list of the content sources.

[Scanner, File Browser, Clipboard, Dropbox, Google Drive, Bookshare, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Gutenberg, and Web Content Sources.}
:arrow_down: And there’s what the MacOS version looks like in action:
2021-12-27 22.26.25
[GIF of the playback features in the Mac Version of Reader]

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