Text-to-Speech in Monterey

Hi all,

I have always been a fan of text-to-speech. Previously the best app for this purpose was Tex-Edit Plus. https://www.tex-edit.com which no longer works in Monterey. Well, I went looking around and I found something pretty great in Monterey:

SysPrefs> Accessibility> Spoken Content> Speak Selection


  • set up a keyboard shortcut
  • set the color, sentence color, sentence style and show controller automatically

Now, if you were to highlight some text in Apple apps such a Safari or email or text edit etc., And then press the keyboard shortcut, now it will read to you and also highlight the text as you go, which is what the great program Tex-Edit Plus used to do. Also the voice controller appears automatically in case you want to change speed or stop etc.

Enjoy - Dave