Text to speech of keynote Slides

Hi all,

I regularly use Keynote for client profiling documents. This often ends up being a sizeable document. In order to check the flow of the information and accuracy of grammer/spelling and such, I often hit ‘Alt Escape’ to have the current slide read to me.

This way I can immediately hear whether there are any mistakes and whether it sounds like it makes sense.

My question is in relation to the order in which the Mac reads those entries.

If there are 5 points on the slide, I’d like it to read them 1 through 5. Sometimes what happens, however, is that the order of those clips is out of wack.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can correct this reading/listening experience? Is there some way I can reset the audio order?

What did apple say?
(Just curious)

I haven’t asked them but I will