TextExpander 7 any good?

Hey there,
Has anybody tried the new TextExpander 7 and can tell me if it’s a good idea to go back after I switched to Typinator?

I can’t answer this fairly as I haven’t tried TextExpander 7. But Typinator is fantastic. Keyboard Maestro, BetterTouchTool, and Alfred, which a lot of people have anyway, are perfectly sufficient. And aText, which is a piddly $5 one-time purchase, is also fantastic. I cannot imagine paying a subscription fee for a text expander all that said.


I have it, as it was a free update… I may not be using it to its full potential, but it has always worked for me, across both macOS and iOS/iPadOS, and I was able to get an annual subscription for $8.99 via Bundlehunt, as opposed to the regular $50.00, so…

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I strongly agree with that. Not only is it fantastic but the support of the developer is also superb—even to the extent of assisting with tricky regular expression expansions. It’s a fantastic piece of software that I use many, many times every day.


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Thanks to recommendation from people in this forum, I’m a happy aText user as well. I need a Windows text expander and aText works very well there. It is a subscription for Windows (merely $5/year) or free with ad-support, so I gladly subscribed to support the developer.

Hey @clayesq,

thanks for the tip on Bundlehunt, much appreciated!

I discovered TextSniper via Bundlehunt, and just bought a family license for it using Apple Pay. Easy peasy!

Bye, Luca

Ditto. Been a very happy aText user for years. Loads of amazing features in TextExander for those who dice and splice for a living, but I never used them.

+1 for Typinator, I switched from TextExpander earlier this year.

I have no experience with TextExpander, but I recently switched back to Typinator after having the bulk of my text expansions in Keyboard Maestro. I still use KM but I had nearly 1,000 macros that were simple text expansions; so I decided to migrate them back to a dedicated text expansion app and leave KM for my intensive macros.

I love Typinator; it does everything I need it to do (including complex RegEx expansions), and it does it well, every time. I wrote an AppleScript that I trigger from KM to quickly add the previous word to a personal “typo” set, and in the 3 or weeks since I wrote it, my “typo” set has grown to over 1,000 entries.