TextExpander Fill-in Functionality on iOS

Is there anyway to take advantage of TextExpander’s fill-in’s tool on iOS? Whenever I use the fill-in feature in creating a snippet in the TextExpander app and then expand the snippet in a document, the fill-in functionality doesn’t “do” anything (in other words, the fill-in “code” simply appears as-is in the expanded snippet). Thanks.

Some apps on iOS offer fuller integration with TextExpander than others. Not all apps on iOS support fill-ins. A list of apps with support for TextExpander is here. The list indicates which apps support fill-ins.

Drafts is a good example that will allow fill ins. It will switch you over to the text expander app real quick, do your thing, and get kicked back.

There is an editor inside the app that you could type whatever and copy and paste (not ideal, I know).

I just use text replacement on iOS (the built in Apple system). Works perfectly in every app and dialog that I’ve tried and it saves me many hours of typing.