TextExpander Mystery

As a fiction writer, I constantly write “blablabla”, he said (but in german) so I created a snippet for komma space he said. I have earlier set TextExpander to ignore the quotation marks, so that I can type the snippet right after the last quotation mark and TE doesn’t interpret that quotation mark as a character which would ruin the snippet.
BUT: In Scrivener I have turned on “smart quotes” which automatically changes the quotes to the proper format. And TE doesn’t recognize that other type of quotation mark, so it doesn’t trigger the snippet.
The strange thing is, I don’t find the setting where I told TE to ignore the marks anymore. I remember turning it on and it also works with the quotes (the lower ones) that begin a sentence. So I can type e.g. the quotation mark and then the snippet of a character name and the snippet will be extended even though there is this special character at the beginning. But I have no idea where I found this setting and how to teach it to also accept the upper-type quotes at the end of the sentence.
I use TextExpander 5.