TextExpander pastes contents of clipboard after executing snippet on MacOS

Anybody else noticing this behavior? It’s been a bug in TextExpander for MacOS for me for a long time – long before Mojave. Annoying enough to drive me crazy, not annoying enough for me to do anything about it until now.


I believe if you marginally increase the expansion time this will fix it for you.

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This, among other things, has caused me to drop TextExpander in favor of Keyboard Maestro. I was not using the “power user” capabilities of TextExpander, and I’ve been completely happy with Keyboard Maestro since making the switch about 2 months ago. It’s also helped me to learn Keyboard Maestro better, which has been useful in other ways. For example, I’ve made all of David Sparks’ window management shortcuts and now they are second nature to use.

Unable to find the setting for increasing expansion time.

Have tried unchecking the restore clipboard option instead.