TextExpander Snippet of Email Addresses

Hi all, hoping that the big brains here will tell me that I am getting something simple very wrong.
Issue is that I have a snippet that expands all the email addresses of my team. I use this for when I email my team and on MacOS I expand the snippet in the “To” field a Bingo all good. Unfortunately, this does not happen on iOS, rather it expands as a single string of text.

To rectify Ive experimented by:
Changed from email addresses to names to see if the
Swapped out the name separators from commas to semi colons and even tried spaces
added the “enter” and “tab” commands between the names to see if this separated the names

Ive also tried this on iOS Mail and Airmail.

Would value any input or thinking - thanks all

Another way is to make a group in the contacts app, and fill in the group name in the “to” field.
This is independent of TextExpander

Groups sync both to IOS as to MacOS, and work across multiple email applications.

I just tested that. I’ve used groups in the contacts app for years. But, I think in previous versions of iOS this didn’t work even though it did work in MacOS. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hey @Sander thanks for the idea. Tried this and have been hampered by contacts with personal and business email addresses. I could make 2 cards I suppose.

I was hoping for someone to help me understand a common syntax that can be used in a single snippet that would work across email clients and iOS & macOS.

Any other views guys?