Texting from an iPad

A friend of mine has an iPad and an andriod phone. The iPad has cellular with Verizon. The people at the Verizon store told her that she can’t text from it without an iPhone. That’s not true, is it? I know continuity and things like that won’t work, but can’t she still use iMessage?

Can anyone point me to a step by step guide I can share with her to get her iPad set up for texting?


She could text other iMessage accounts using her Apple ID email.

Or she can download Google Messages on her phone and connect via the web on her iPad. That’s how I do it right now.

I use iMessages to text to both android (green text bubbles) and iOS users (blue text bubbles) with my iPad. I’ve done it for years. I just don’t remember how I set it up. Can someone please remind me how you set this up with the iPad is your only Apple device?


AFAIK, texting from an iPad to a non-iMessage account requires that you have an iPhone with Text Message Forwarding set up. iPads can’t do non-iMessage texting on their own. You can obviously text to other iMessage accounts as @Ben_Wah said.


Does this depend on whether your iPad is cellular or not?

She has a wireless plan with Verizon for this ipad.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough, if your ipad has Cellular, you can text directly from it, instead of needing an iPhone.

Yes! The iPad has a cellular plan with Verizon. I’m looking for a way to help them set it up for texting. Verizon said that texting from the cellular iPad required an iPhone. That didn’t sound right. Does anyone have a step by step guide to get their iPad set up to text? Thanks!

Ok, I was wrong. I was sure my iPad showed both the number from my iPhone and the separate one from my iPad, but I’m obviously misremembering

It is right. You can send iMessages from an iPad but to send SMS/MMS messages you have to have an iPhone nearby and set up Text Message Forwarding.