TextSoap APA Title Formatting for Academics

In my field we do this funny thing where we capitalize the first word of a title and the first word after a colon in the bibliography. The nice folks at TextSoap helped me figure out how to have their app do this. Thought I’d share. Sometimes it’s not about productivity but getting rid of the annoying tasks. It’s also nice that you can do this within any text field. Someday I’ll figure out how to make it capitalize proper nouns.

Some people may choose to remove the remove style command


Those style actions can also be replicated as a saveable multi-step filter in the multiple clipboard app Pastebot.

Pastebot is an update of the old and venerable (and discontinued) PTH Pasteboard app from the same developer. I used it many years ago, for many years, and depended on a strip/reformat/quote filter I’d created for use in online forums (before forum software handled quoting nicely),

TextSoap is a great app. If I didn’t already use BBEdit (which has all those TextSoap features built-in, plus a buik ftp browser and a kitchen-sink’s worth more) I’d own it. For the kind of formatting you’re doing, BBEdit has strong hooks with macOS’s Automator.

I do own TextSoap Menu, which is a free lite-version menubar app in the MAS and is a really nice little utility.

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Thanks. I’ll look into BBEdit. I’m interested in the potential for ailitomatic formatting. Quick q. Can BBEdit apply those rules to file naming or highlighted text?

With its grep and plugins you can automate practically anything to text within a file. For file naming it may be not be something you can recursively command (though you can do it with local and remote files), though I’ve never tried.

For selection of selected text I’ve seen (but not used) this plugin:


There’s a good wiki here for BBEdit add-ons:


You can download a pdf of the BBEdit manual here:

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