Thank You David, Stephen (And Katie)!

Dear David and Stephen (and Katie as well):

I’ve been listening to MPU weekly since I think 2013, and I’ve gone back and picked up many of the first 100 episodes as well.

I just wanted to say, thanks.

I’ve laughed and learned tons, and thanks to your focus on getting work done, you’ve helped me be a better teacher. (BTW, David, you can’t talk about Notes and Email enough. Those are always my favorite episodes.)

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your work is appreciated. So thanks!

Russ Winn


Seconded! What he said!


Hear, hear. I do miss Katie’s voice as a woman in Tech, but that’s in no way a criticism of Stephen and the sterling job he’s done alongside David recently.


I agree. I am appreciative of what I have learned from MPU and also enjoy the notes and email episodes (even though now I am forced to use Outlook by my employer).


Stephen had some big shoes to fill to replace Katie. He has done a wonderful job. I miss having Katie on the show.

I started listening trying to get the most out my Apple things. David and Stephen do a superb job.


Every so often, while listening to the podcast, I miss Katie also. To parrot what others have said, this isn’t to disparage what Stephen’s done, or the quality, or anything. It’s just that 80% of the reason I listened to MPU at all was the people. Rare is the episode that I get some technical insight from it. But the people are great and when they go off script and improvise about something, their is evident in their tone and speed, it is a joy to listen to. Katie may have not talked as much as David, but she lent a lot to the podcast. I too miss her voice.

Thanks so much gang. MPU is my labor of my love. :slight_smile:


Amen to all of what was said above. David and Stephen, you guys are fantastic, and I hope you can communicate to Katie how much she is still appreciated.

Here’s to many more years!!!


@MacSparky You were my first (PodCast). Feels like at least 7-8 years ago.


I also have to give kudos to David, Katie, and Stephen. I will be honest, I have always liked Sparky, liked the connection he has with Katie, and I was concerned when Stephen joined as cohost. I had only heard Stephen a couple times on other pods and wasn’t sure how he would work. It is a different show under the same name, but that is because they did a great job of managing the transition. I have enjoyed the show as much with Stephen and David as I did with Katie and David. I have become a Relay FM supporter, I think I have bought all the Field Guides in the current video format, I owned a number of the E Books David published, even on topics I don’t really use, mainly because I appreciate David’s passion and common sense approach. I want to support these people that are creating such great content. All three hosts are great in their way and I still haven’t missed an episode of MPU. Even when I don’t think the subject matter sounds interesting, I still listen and am often surprised at how interesting the show turns out. The most recent example was the Making Music episode with the composer who worked on Frozen 2. I honestly almost skipped the episode because I am not a musician at all, didn’t figure I would hear anything that I could apply, and figured it would be boring. Turned out to be a great episode. I won’t utilize much of what was discussed, but it was really entertaining and fun to hear how someone manages their workflow when it is SO MUCH different than mine.

Thanks for making a great podcast!