The 1Password X plugin vs the regular plugin


I’ve been playing with the 1Password X plugin and I’m curious about everyone else’s thoughts. Here are mine:

  • Mainly, I’m not sure who this is for. Is it eventually going to be merged with the 1PW plugin? Replace the 1PW plugin? Who exactly do they imagine would or should use each of the plugins? In what scenarios do they see one as preferable to the other?

  • I guess it’s good that you can use the 1PWX plugin to access your info without installing the 1PW app. I suppose that allows some people to access their info on systems where they can’t install the full app, like maybe a work computer. (Assuming they can still install plugins; I don’t really know how locked down work computers tend to be). Is that the imagined use case?

  • Having the 1PWX interface pop-up from within the login space itself is kinda neat, but ends up getting in my way sometimes. When I switch back to old fashioned 1PW it feels refreshingly clean.

  • For some reason the 1PWX plugin uses ⇧⌘X as its default trigger instead of ⌘\ (which is so closely associated with the product that I think I’ve even seen “⌘\ is my Password” t-shirts) and doesn’t let me set ⌘\ instead. Seems weird.

It occurs to me this might be more useful as a customer service email to agilebits, but as long as I wrote it here: is anyone else using the 1PWX plugin? What do you think?


I think it started as a way to support operating systems for which no native Apps are available (i.e., Linux).


I use 1PasswordX on ChromeOS, the regular apps on Mac and IOS.


i use it on Chrome on my Windows computer at work, where I can’t install software (other than Chrome extensions).

Unfortunately, i’m logged into Chrome on my MacBook and my windows machine with the same account (to sync everything), and that also syncs extensions. And you can’t have the 1PW and the 1PWX both running on the same browser, so it’s a bit of a pain in the neck…


Absolutely agree with you, @IronicSans - I have all the same questions and experiences. After some time with X, I think I’m going to stick with 1Password (non-X) as it seems like a better experience. It would be good if the company would say something about the intended uses of each, so people’s time and brain cells aren’t wasted.

Edit: I found this article which seems to explain a few things: