The “another app” syndrome

@JohnAtl Doesn’t ir end up bothering you?

Yes, that was a winking face at the end :slight_smile:

I’m reading on my iPad now, and can’t decide where my notes should go, so I’m not making any. Maybe I’ll just get some paper…

If there is/was a way to link to an Apple Note, I might just use that.
OTOH, I like Drafts because I can use actions to do great things without poking the screen 100 times. But I don’t get the whole Inbox / Archive paradigm.
I could go on about Bear and Agenda and Ulysses…


I’m 95% certain I just read in another thread that there is a way to link to an Apple Note.

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Yes, you can.

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Well, that’s pretty awesome. Thanks!

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Yes. Lately I only use third party apps if it offers a major capabilityI miss. For example, creating notes Apple Watch is what I use Drafts mostly for. Here’s what I wrote on this.

I wish this were a little more like creating note links in Evernote, but this is a pretty great find

I’ve done this - getting an app because it gets that “oooo neat!” response in my brain - I’m glad that a lot of apps now have a 14 or 30 day trial period where I can decide if the app is still something worth spending the money on/delving into deeply enough.

While there are certain apps that I couldn’t live without, I’ve definitely purchased some apps that weren’t necessary, where stock apps seem to do the best job. PDF managers are my achilles heel for some reason, I must’ve tested a zillion of them, but still end up using Preview on my Macs because I like the simplicity and ease of use.

I believe the term you’re looking for is ‘crimping.’


Hey, it even has a name!


Me too!

I always end up finding new apps too “bulky”. I’m too much into aesthetics - I always come back to the simpler app.

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Every academic I know must be afflicted, lol. If there’s one thing that we love to do (aside from our work) is fiddle with the ways in which we get it done :joy:


I’ve tried several apps to help solve CRIMPing.


I personally have no issues with the stock apps and I use all of them almost exclusively. BUT i absolutely cannot stand the stock podcasts app. The stock podcast app reminds me of iTunes on MacOS.

Overcast all the way.


I have this problem…oh boy, do I have this problem.


I don’t like stock podcast aesthetics… it’s too bulky.

Why overcast and not pocket casts?

Welcome to the team!

Are you using stock app now?

Well… that’s a way to deal… =)

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Speaking only for myself: When I switched from Android to iOS (in 2015), I had been a devout Pocket Casts user on Android so I immediately purchased it for iOS. I used it for a week or two, but felt like wasn’t up to par with the Android version. I gave Overcast a look and found it to be a better fit for me. I checked in on Pocket Casts a couple times a year for a while to see how they were doing, but never saw enough to get me to go back.

Yes. Specially if we see the last update…

Do you listen to podcast on your computer too? The only downside of overcast for me is the web interface…