The Best Chair in the World (for me)

I don’t remember a world where my current, amazingly comfortable, office chair didn’t exist! I’m 58 years old. It was my father’s from as far back as I can remember. There are family pictures from 1968, when I was four years old with this chair in them! I’m never cleaning the grime off of it!


Care to upload a picture? Very curious!


This! Otherwise, I’m not sure that this post is helpful. Inquiring minds want to know!

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Found a picture of the chair. It is indeed very old.


Yes, upload a picture!

I have to say it looks pretty sturdy.

Indeed. As in, one builds the house around it.

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Is this a Rocking Chair…?


Sorry it took two months to circle back and post this


I suspect that chair has seen plenty of interesting things being “created” from it… Lovely that you are still getting the use out of it that you are, and of course – all the more so with its connection to your father.

Thank you for posting!

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Love this!
I bought a fancy modern one and now dealing with all kind of lower back issues after two years of use.
Old is gold!!

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