The best clipboard manager across macOS & iOS?

What is the best clipboard manager across the iPad, iPhone and Mac?

As a software tester, I find it difficult not to try out any of the apps I find on. the marketplace. However, finding a clipboard manager that I’m satisfied with is proving an impossible task.

So, what clipboard manager do you use and why?

I think that I’ll end up settling for Pastebot as if I’m honest with myself it meets all of my fundamental needs, it’s just missing some of the nice to have features.

I’ve tried Pastebot, Copied, Paste, CopyClip, I honestly could go on. Also, the prices are crazy they range from free open source to around the £15 quid mark.

I’m not going to go in to m findings on all of these apps but a couple of points I feel I should mention, otherwise, you’ll be wondering what my problem is :confused:

Some of the apps offer you great integration plugins, allowing you to send your copied text or picture to things like Evernote or Omnifocus.

Some offer really nice sound effects for the copying and pasting process.

The UI is another thing, Paste has a gorgeous UI but it’s too big and can be intrusive. Whereas Pastebot has a very dull and dated feel to it albeit based on Mac style UI design.

At this moment in time I genuinely have no clue what I’m going to end up adopting. What I do know is I’ve had enough of chopping and changing my app of choice, for the short duration It can be called that.

Okay, MPU pose, tell me, what clipboard manager are you using and why :question:

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Copied, because it works across iOS and Mac.

Tbh other than multiplatform support. I think they are all pretty much the same. Maybe that’s why you’re having trouble deciding?

And I’ve found the cross-platform support on Copied to be flaky. And I don’t know whether I actually need it or if it just seems like a great idea in theory.

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I don’t use a clipboard manager on iOS mostly because I haven’t found one that lets you get/view last copied item from the share sheet. On the Mac, I use Paste very simplistically. I don’t really use the pasteboard functionality. Just as a clipboard history and there’s only been a couple times where that hasn’t been enough.

On the Mac I have used Launchbar clipboard history ever since Quicksilver went under. I dream of the day when I can have that same functionality on iOS but I don’t ever see it happening. I have Copied on iOS but I rarely use it because it seems so clunky to use. Launchbar clipboard history is just in the background working all the time.

Am I right that LaunchBar’s clipboard manager is text only (no images)?

Thanks for the reply. I can get LaunchBar to copy images if copied from the Finder/Desktop, but not images I copy off of websites. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if that’s a limitation of the app. I’d always kept the clipboard functionality turned off, in favor of Copied or Paste, but I’ve had a renewed enthusiasm for LaunchBar lately.

Good catch. Yes, it was in Safari. I just tried it in Chrome, and it does work there for me, too.

Copied(for cross platform access) and Alfred’s clipboard manager(faster to use).

I’m too at the same camp and used numerous clipboard managing app in the past. I’ve got burned with inconsistencies that I’m finding it hard to test new ones.

On my Mac, I’ve settled with Launchbar and it worked perfectly in my workflow.

For whatever it’s worth, Quicksilver is not dead yet — last updated this March.

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Objective Development support has confirmed that the Safari issue is a bug, and they’re working on a fix.