The best productivity apps for Mac in 2018

I hesitate to post any of the “best of” apps articles, because they can cause so much contention and arguing, (not to mention leaving out each person’s favorite apps).
However, this article is a nice overview (without being too opinionated) for those of us who are (still) new to the Mac. Being a Windows user during the day (where I work), I only get a few hours of Mac/iOS time a week, when I get home from work. This makes learning all of the neat features of MacOS very difficult and easy to forget, because of the exposure time being so short and sporadic.

This article has an homage to a Mac app which came from the PC world a long time ago (but I still use it daily) , so it struck a chord with me.

Best-Of Productivity apps


That’s a comprehensive list!

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This is an excellent post. I picked up a few new tools to try. Thanks for posting.

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Workspaces might be interesting and was new to me), although I need to find a use case for it. Right now I’m only using a different desktop for my Citrix Receiver when working from home.