The Bezos way: sleep, puttering, and three high-quality decisions a day

Ran across this recently. As someone that putters in the morning as Bezos’ coins it, I don’t feel so bad about it now.

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Thanks Wolfie. The system allowed me to revise the post but I’ll reiterate it this way:

I disagreed with the OP saying Bezos worked like a dog - he was an EE/CoSci double major in the Ivy League, pushed long hours in a hedge fund and didn’t stop when he founded Amazon. And, like any publicity-aware multibillionaire he’s not above burnishing his image in interviews either, so I don’t buy the ‘Puttering Bezos’ legend, which the fairly lazy SvN article uses as clickbait based on a YouTube video to which they linked.

What someone apparently objected to was that in my response I linked to a recent Buzzfeed article about repeated dinners Bezos made a convicted criminal, after his conviction and incarceration for shall we say heinous activities, and sarcastically wondered if now, that those dinners have been brought to light, he considered those decisions too to be ‘high quality’. A very strange thing to get a message deleted for, to tell you the truth.


Agree. There are legitimate questions in light of investigations surrounding Epstein that are a counterpoint to otherwise celebrating Bezos’ judgment.

I appreciate the ground rules of this site and try to abide by them. This one though was particularily annoying today though as I read the Wholefoods, now Amazon run, is abolishing health benefits for part timers: however I will make this my only comment on the topic. Maybe it is wiser if folk don’t post provocative posts in the first place? If bowline’s points were inappropriate, to put it another way, so were @peedy 's ? By the same token as it were?

Disconnecting the politics for a second, I personally enjoy the signal vs. noise blog very much. I’ve also read every book Jason Fried & co have published, so I think I know what they were trying to communicate here too.

My personal opinion: there’s some good ideas here that you can apply without accepting the entire message (or messenger).

Keep the good stuff, spit out the sticks.


National politics has a way of taking over discussions.

I’m politically outspoken elsewhere on the internet. I keep it away from some places, including here.

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