The Big Picture. iPad Printing to 2’x3’

I have ADD and sometimes it’s just nice to see all the stuff I have to do on one big sheet. Say 2’ x 3’,

While I’m waiting to renew my mindjet/mindmanager software I was just wondering if there was an app for the iPad that would let you write on a big sheet of paper like that and then go to Kinko’s and print it out on construction paper.

I checked out GoodNotes and Notability I did not really find the option for page size. I believe I could use procreate but that seems like a bit of overkill.

Any suggestions?

Concepts for sure:

I wonder if the iOS 16 Freeform app will have built-in export/printing?

There are many page sizes built into GoodNotes, but 24 x 36 inches is not one of them.

However, you can make your own templates in GoodNotes from any PDF, and I don’t see anything in the help that suggests you cannot make a page that’s larger than their current largest size.

Obviously you’ll have to pinching/zooming/swiping to move around the large document, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. You would export the single page to PDF, and that should be able to be printed.

In a way, Procreate is built to do this kind of thing. You can specify the paper size at the beginning, and the zoom level is easy to see (I don’t think GoodNotes displays this, which might make it more challenging to use). However, it is a drawing app, not a handwriting app.

On the other hand, GoodNotes has a Zoom Window function, which allows you to write in a text box at the bottom of the screen while viewing the overview of the document at the top of the screen. This might work well for a 24 x 36 in. sheet.

@ryanjamurphy, I really hope Freeform will at least allow PDF export. I know some functionality might not work, but I’d love to try an endless whiteboard app with good Apple Pencil support.

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Pages. Go into Document Settings and change the size to custom. Just tried and it let me create a 24x36 document.

I like to see the printer for that… :grinning:

Typically a plotter. Print shops like FedEx and UPS have large format printers. They also print on canvas for outdoor banners.

I understand now, that you are talking about inches, not feet as the initial post… :wink:

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Sorry, I was thinking in standard drafting sizes but forgot the inches indicator. Should have used metric as is my normal case when dealing with international audiences. Still astonished that the US hasn’t gone metric after all these years.

I know, I am 70 and I remember learning about the metric system in the 7th grade.

I would have thought that businesses would have been pushing for it.

I am going to write my Congressman.