The combination of Command browser and Notion is great for research

A few weeks ago I discovered the Command browser in the App Store and its an amazing app. It lets you highlight and tag text in articles and sync it with a Notion database. I don’t know any other tool that does this the same way and it’s now my go to solution for research. I love how I can read and highlight when I’m on the couch and have all relevant information in one overview when I’m back at my desk.


Seems like a great idea

But only sync to Notion, Readwise, and RemNote on Mac? Why so limiting?

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I don’t know. Perhaps focus, because the developer is not a big company. Maybe more will follow.

Command browser looks intriguing, though I don’t quite understand how it differs from other read-it-later apps.

However, I need Mac support, in addition to iPhone and iPad. Is that available? Is it on the horizon?

I don’t see and use it as a read later app. Mac support would be nice (not a must for me), but I don’t know if that’s coming in the near future.

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