The contents of the iPad "iPad Pro" could not be read. Click Restore to restore this iPad to factory settings

Any suggestions? I’ve tried deleting a song from a playlist to no avail. This other fix sounds sketchy, and so I don’t want to go down the iFunbox route as suggested by this site. I can trash the iPad if needed, but preserving media on my other devices is a priority.

That’s a shot of Finder, right? What triggered this message?

Can you access the iPad itself?

Can you try something like iMazing?

Yes, screen shot of Finder.
The message is triggered when I connect a USB cable.
The iPad works fine otherwise, they’ve just decided they aren’t on speaking terms.

Photos opens and shows me all the duplicate photos that it wants to import, as I posted elsewhere.

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Thanks for the suggestion!
Nothing personal, but I don’t like iMazing. They turn off and disable the backup to computer checkbox, and you have to use a Terminal command to re-enable it (after hours of googling in my case). When that happened I said, never again.


Yep. iMazing trashed a seven year-long Messages thread between me and my partner. I had bought the dang thing specifically to backup Messages. iMazing help: “oh, sorry, that happens to some customers”.

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This is exactly why I purchased iMazing. I will take heed, thanks to you and @JohnAtl.

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You can do the following with iPhones to fix this. I am sure the same probably works with iPad’s


  • Run the application, you may choose to connect your iPhone to phone manager via USB cable or WiFi connection.
  • Once connected, simply click on “Music” or “Videos” tab on the main interface. Select “Import” to add any one of your music or videos.

Import music or video

  • Refresh your device after that. You can then find your iTunes capable of reading your phone data.

In brief, you could get your iTunes and iPhone synced successfully by transferring video or music to your phone for only once.

Suppose the above solution still fails, please go to “Files” tab, find “iTunes_Control” folder and delete all the contents in this folder. After that, restart the iTunes and connect your iPhone to it.

I rebooted my Mac and that took care of it.


Sorry to dredge this up, but I’m wondering what you’re using for message backups? @anon41602260 and @JohnAtl

Nothing, unfortunately. It’s too bad Apple doesn’t provide an easily managed solution.

That worked for me, as well.

macOS 12.0.1
iPadOS 15.1