The Craft team are teasing tables!

The team behind the Craft app have just tweeted that tables are in active development.

It looks so good! Check it out:


Very cool! Craft has been doing a remarkable job in developing new features and refining existing ones. There are a lot of excellent PKM and note taking apps available but Craft fits my needs and aesthetic best.

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It shows what can be done with a focused and funded team.


I think Craft really may be the best Mac Catalyst app out there.


What is this app used for? It looks nice but I cannot think of a use for it for me. Can you give real world examples? Thanks.

To sum it up very, very broadly, it’s Obsidian in beautiful, with a different approach.


I don’t use obsidian so now I need to look up two things. :grinning:


O.M.G! Ive been eyeing Evernote these last few days as I need tables … but wow, if this happens I will be set. I love craft, but all of a sudden I need tables :slight_smile:

It’s just a notes app for me. I replaced Bear with it. Bear was great for my needs, cheap, and very pretty, but Craft is just sooo slick.


… aaaah :sweat_smile:

Notes app with deep linking capabilities. Craft’s strengths are: it’s beautiful, native on all Apple platforms, has a web and (nascent) collaborative component, and it’s really easy to make gorgeous documents with it.

@macsorcery I use Craft for all of the following:

  • Interview notes
  • Meeting notes
  • Project notes
  • Client/customer notes
  • Personal journal

It is beautiful to use but that is not why I use it. I use it because:

  • It is a native app
  • I can write in MD and it renders it immediately (no more messy editor)
  • It has a great feature set easily accessible with a simple / keystroke (see below—note there are so many that I can’t get them all on the screenshot)
  • Fast search
  • Fast backlinking with simple [[ or @ (see below)
  • Calendar linking and daily notes (see below)
  • I can use the Apple Pencil to add handwritten notes or sketches of ideas, diagrams
  • It can export in multiple formats (see below)
  • I can create on long running document (say for a customer) and add sub pages/cards for additional information making formatting and navigation a breeze
  • I can drag related Apple Mail emails into a note for future reference
  • I can embed all sorts of information and can scan into Craft (see below)
  • It will soon have tables
  • and more…


When’s your field guide coming out @Bmosbacker? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll buy it!


Ha! I think I’ll leave the field guides to the true master @MacSparky! :slight_smile:


And on Monterrey, it already works beautifully with QuickNote

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I thought QuickNote only worked with Apple Notes. How does it work with Craft?

Have a Craft doc open
Swipe up fr0m bottom right
Click add in the note window

Now you have a link to the Craft doc in the QN. Do same in safari

Do the same in Mail

Open the QN and the Craft link works to open the linked note in craft


Sure is, worked out of the box, on iPadOS 15 pb, too.

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How is the web (beta) interface? I have applied but not received the call up yet. I ask because I use Windows at work so a decent web interface would make Craft even more valuable to me.

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I suggest you post your request to get the web version on their Slack site. They seem to respond to requests to use the web beta very quickly there. Probably the best place to check on the web status, too.

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