The end is near for Adobe Flash!

Adobe Flash will be a distant memory after December 31, 2020.


Just like IPv4! :rofl: .

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Good riddance.


It’s surprising to run into websites that still require flash.

This is one of my favorite funny flash animations that they converted to youtube.

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I’m worried because my place of work still seems to rely heavily on flash for many of our training sites. It still makes my head explode each time I see it!

Good riddance! It was an awful technology, one that I never want to work with again. I spent an inordinate amount of time working with clients in the early 2000s that insisted on Flash, which frustrated me a lot as I wanted to produce standards compliant and accessible HTML5 websites.

Another rubbish technology to throw on the heap of technical failures!

On the other hand: if you knew your ActionScript, money was there to grab.

Today: Flash, please just die.

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The “kill switch” Adobe built in to recent versions of flash activates on January 12 and AFAIK Chrome, Edge, and Safari will no longer support any version of it. Bad news for your training sites.

But good news for you. Not much chance of your heading exploding again. :+1:

Ha, good point! We have a giant bureaucracy that hates changes sometimes…hence why we still need IE for tons of our web sites/apps. So sad. lol

Looking forward to completing my mandatory annual Security Awareness class in a non-Flash environment this year :partying_face:

No joke, sadly.

Every two years my mother needs to go through a “Training and Certification” process for the state of Massachusetts.

She did it last year and I was shocked to discover that it was entirely Flash-based, and designed for 800x600 computer displays. :open_mouth: :face_vomiting: :man_facepalming:

Hopefully they’ll have it updated by the next time she wants to do it. And hopefully she’ll be able to use her iPad for it. This was one of the few things she needed a “real computer” for – meaning, in this case, my 2008 Black MacBook, which otherwise sat unused in a closet.


Sadly it does not appear users have the necessary permissions to enable this mode. Which doesn’t surprise me. Our organization’s computers are pretty well locked down.

I didn’t put it in there before, I but I work for the government. Are you sensing a pattern? :slight_smile:

I would have thought that anything Flash-based would violate Section 508 accessibility requirements. But I guess it’s a moot point now (or soon enough).

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Title text: Protip: At midnight your excuse for not having read The Great Gatsby can switch from “I’m worried about violating copyright” to “I think my copy requires Flash.”

For those curious about the history of Adobe Flash, watch this video.

Thankfully enough, a large amount of Adobe Flash content is being preserved.

Emulators might help to save Adobe Flash content.

Regardless, support for Adobe Flash will be cut off in just ten minutes! :cry:
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Unless they make you run it in a special VM, or on an old Pentium they keep in the basement. :blush:

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Adobe Flash is officially dead. Rest in peace!

Quite literally, the perfect computer for running Flash. :slight_smile: