The Final Push Toward the OmniFocus Field Guide

Just checking in because I’ve been a screencasting hermit most of this month. OmniFocus 3 for Mac releases Monday and on the same day, I’ll be releasing my new OmniFocus Field Guide. If I work through the weekend, I should be able to release. This one is going to be tight.

The numbers as they look now:
69 Videos (this should be the final number)
5+ Hours

I know it sounds excessive but at this point, I’ve got 4:52 in the can and still more to go. I wonder if it’s too much but I don’t see anything I should cut either. Okay … back to the screencasting mines.


Find another 8 minutes and round it out! What I love about your video courses are the chapters - this way you can pick and choose the applicable parts or binge watch the whole thing.


Rock on sensei…

OmniFocus is an app that brings a huge amount of capability with many options. I’m not surprised you’ve got a lot to talk about. I’m very much looking forward to it!


Hello @MacSparky,
I am very excited to hear about that, OmniFocus is number 1 productivity app.
Any macOS automation (AppleScript) added to the course by any chance?

Actually, the volume sounds appropriate because of the robustness of OmniFocus itself. It sounds like it will be a great way to go as shallow or as deeply as you want with the app, something new users to the app often crave (I know I did).

Launched! Releasing two field guides in one month was bananas. Now I need to catch up with other items and find an excuse to get out of town for a few days. So happy with the way the new Field Guide came out.


I’ll be diving into it tonight!