The funny side of being an Apple Apologist

Hey everyone, I just wanted to spread a little laughter today. I did a comic strip about my family life 10 years ago. Being an Apple Apologist my love for Apple occasionally reared it’s head in the 4 panels I’d produce. Only 2 of these were created on the iPad Pro (2015 12.9"). I don’t do these anymore but I wanted to share these with you all because we can all use some laughter in our lives. :smile:


65CA86FF-3BBD-4504-86A8-83006AE0359F B11295FC-5DB3-4DD7-B871-BB4A3606FCD5 08F5F2F9-AB5A-41AB-814F-FB34249F9D28 IMG_7384 IMG_7383 IMG_7385 IMG_7386 ![IMG_7387|689x233]


These are great! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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:grin: Hehe… Great work on these, and really nice artwork too!


LOL! I love it! Great stuff!

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LOL! For a moment I was saying “I did not hear of iPhones reportedly exploding”, then I noticed it’s iPhone 7s.
Thanks for sharing…

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What did you use to make these or did you hand draw them?

Most of these were hand drawn. The one about Apple Pay and the last one were done on the iPad Pro.

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Wow, these are really good, would love to read more!

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