The great Password Manager POLL of 2018

MiniKeePass on iOS and MacPass on OS X. The database was created several years ago on keepassx on a Windows machine which is yet compatible.

Dashlane added a VPN function to the pro version. (Manual off and on & logs are kept Don’t give a rip … Encripted coverage across the restaurant’s floor is what I want. Don’t care to spoof country origin) Blah blah…) But as a back-up to my free Tunnel Bear account I’m pleased.

Been using Dashlane (guess) since 1990’s. No comparison to other apps or brags, I do not know the competition.

Where’s the “Yellow Post-It Note under keyboard” option? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I try to run my system as ‘plain vanilla’ as possible, hence the built in Keychain.

The results of the poll are interesting. It’s not really surprising that 1Password is the most popular, but I’m a bit surprised at just how dominant it is.

I missed the poll, but 1Password user here since V1

However, I must say that I am disappointed in the direction they are taking V7 and am sticking with v6. I don’t want to have universal key commands for 1PW as it interferes with my use of Logic Pro. I would like them to give us the option to turn that feature off.

Anyone else see the same problems that I am? I have the same key command to fill in passwords in safari as I do a critical function in Logic Pro - but when I am in Logic, 1PW takes over that key command. very frustrating.

Other than that - I love 1PW. The day that V6 no longer works will be a tough one though, and I will have to look hard at other options.

What would be a good password manager for people who use public computers? I would assume it would have to be web-based and free. I volunteer at the library and I think for some of these patrons, the library computer is the only one they have access to. These people are looking for jobs or taking exams online and I see them digging through notebooks, wallets, and purses for a little scrap of paper that has their password on it.

A bit late to the party, but hopefully useful
Pasword manager comparison